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40TH Anniversary of BRX - Tickets out Now!

Created on Wednesday, 10 Aug 2016 08:21:23

This season marks the 40th anniversary of the British Rallycross Championship, check out a selection of photos of champions past and present online here and the MSA British Rallycross Facebook page.

For the stat-heads among you check out the full list of champions from 1976 onwards below. If you haven't experienced the sport in the metal, why not come and check out the racing at the birthplace of rallycross - Lydden Hill - on the 29th of August - Tickets are available here now: https://lyddenhill.flameconcepts.systems/W4dfPp6DNtUhqrTkqLzbXg5YKEUu49qW

1976 Trevor Hopkins Ford Escort
1977 Trevor Hopkins Ford Escort
1978 Trevor Hopkins Ford Escort
1979 Bruce Rushton Ford Escort
1980 Graham Hathaway Ford Escort
1981 Keith Ripp Ford Fiesta
1982 Keith Ripp Ford Fiesta
1983 Keith Ripp Ford Fiesta
1984 John Welch Ford Escort
1985 Trevor Hopkins Ford Fiesta
1986 John Welch Ford Escort
1987 Mark Rennison Ford RS200
1988 Mark Rennison Ford RS200
1989 Michael Shield MG Metro 6R4
1990 Steve Palmer MG Metro 6R4
1991 Will Gollop MG Metro 6R4
1992 Denis Biggerstaff MG Metro 6R4
1993 Mike Turpin MG Metro 6R4
1994 Dermot Carnegie MG Metro 6R4
1995 Dermot Carnegie MG Metro 6R4
1996 Will Gollop Peugeot 306
1997* Will Gollop Peugeot 306
1998* Helmut Holfeld Peugeot 306
1999* Dermot Carnegie Ford Escort
2000* Lawrence Gibson MG Metro 6R4
2001* Dermot Carnegie Ford Focus
2002* Pat Doran Ford RS200
2003 Dermot Carnegie Ford Focus
2004 Dermot Carnegie Ford Focus
2005 Pat Doran Ford Fiesta
2006 Christopher Evans Opel Astra
2007 Ollie O'Donovan Peugeot 306
2008 Lawrence Gibson MG Metro 6R4
2009 Pat Doran Ford Fiesta
2010 Pat Doran Ford Fiesta
2011 Julian Godfrey Ford Fiesta
2012 Julian Godfrey Ford Fiesta
2013 Julian Godfrey Ford Fiesta
2014 Julian Godfrey Ford Fiesta
2015 Julian Godfrey Ford Fiesta

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