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Sideways Saturday

Event date(s) and time (start and end): 
Saturday, 1 July, 2017

Sideways Saturday is returning to Lydden on the 1st July 2017.

The day will be split into two groups; group1 will be for novice and novice-inters, group 2 will be for inter-pros and pros. Intermediates will be able to choose a group based on thier experience.

For the morning each group will receive 2 alternate 50 minuite open pit lane style sessions around the kidney circuit queing on dummy grid. For the aftertoon each group will receive 2 alternate 50 minuite sessions around the competition circuit queing at chessons. 

There will  be 25 drivers per group and a maximum of 4 cars on circuit at a time. Twinning is allowed in group 2 as long as both drivers are in agreement.

Signing on  7.30  
Noise Testing 9 9.10
Group 1  9.10 10
Group 2  10.10 11
Group 1  11.10 12
Group 2  12.10 13
LUNCH 13 14
Group 1  14 14.50
Group 2  15 15.50
Group 1 16 16.50
Group 2  17 17.50



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